Bachelor's Degree

A Bachelor’s Degree from Church

Each week the church has about an hour-and-a-half to instruct her members by way of Bible studies and a sermon (counting Sunday school, worship, and Wednesday night Bible study), or about six hours per month (if someone attends all of these). A typical three-hour college course is scheduled for three hours per week for fifteen weeks, for a total of forty-five hours per course. So, at that rate, it takes seven-and-a-half months of Bible study and sermons to equal one three-hour college course. A college student can finish their bachelor’s degree with about forty three-hour courses, or 120 credit hours (360 hours of actual class time), and (if they went to summer school), they could finish that degree in about three years. Therefore, an equivalent amount of class time for church would take 300 months, or twenty-five years. Now if someone skipped half their classes (let’s say Sunday school and Wednesday night Bible study), then that bachelor’s degree would take fifty years. Oh, and with church, it’s easy to skip the homework, and thus the number of “A” students is very small. One other difference: at church the pastor generally doesn’t give tests. However, God does give tests on a daily basis, along with a comprehensive final.

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