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Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church of Nacogdoches, TX

A Reformed Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Members of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches [C.R.E.C.]. 

                      Iron Sharpen Iron: Men’s Discipleship Lectures
                                     Topic: Our Mission: To the End of the Earth
                                                                                            October 6-7, 2023

                                                        Peru Missionary, Pastor Wes Baker will be our primary speaker.
                                                                                          Friday: 6:00 to 9:00 pm
                                                                                       Saturday: 8:30 to 11:00 am

Peru Mission Philosophy of Mission
The Great Commission (Matt 28.18-20) is properly understood in the context of the Cultural Mandate (Gen 1.26-28). In the beginning Adam is charged to build the City of God, but his descendants end up building Babel (Gen 11). Revelation 21-22, however, shows us Jesus, the new Adam, who fulfills the original mandate and turns the fallen and spoiled garden into a beautiful city. This is the overarching story from within which we must understand the Great Commission.

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Sunday School starts at 9:45

Worship Service starts at 10:45

Video Sermon:

The Face of Jesus Christ

Douglas Wilson

GCPC is a traditional, evangelical Christian church, 

committed to working together with other

Christian churches in our community to advance God’s work in every area of life.

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church was founded in 1998.

Our Gothic Revival style building was completed in May, 2012.

Designed by Nacogdoches Architect Laura Culpepper and constructed by builder Alvin Stanaland.